The Office


"BCA - BETTENCOURT DA CAMARA & ASSOCIADOS" - law firm, located in Lisbon, since 2004.

Our founding lawyer, Miguel Bettencourt da Camara, has been practicing law since 1990, having done it, until 2003, in law offices and law firms, combining, from the start, the individual practice of law with collaborations in projects and cases, then led by senior lawyers.

In 2004, our office initiated its practice in Amoreiras’s Tower 2, on the 3rd floor, 9, at first, and on the 9th floor, 4, since February 2005.

The firm acts not only on behalf of companies but also individual clients, whilst striving to ensure a strong brand of citizenship advocacy. We are committed to preserving the bonds of personal trust that every relationship with our clients demands.

This office is internally structured in two main areas: Legal Consultancy and Litigation, covering the areas of Civil Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law and some areas of Criminal Law, some of which are better explained below.

In recent years, BCA - BETTENCOURT DA CAMARA & ASSOCIADOS has been particularly dedicated to providing legal support to the business sector, both in terms of corporate structuring and management. In particular, our team has experience and is prepared to provide advice on existing good corporate governance practices.

We also value the collaboration and talent of younger professionals, seeking not to neglect the assistance of recent graduates who are driven by the will to succeed in this area.

Since the early 1990’s our founding member has practiced law in law offices and law firms which combined the forensic practice with legal consultancy and with the permanent study and updating of the various areas of law.

We seek to combine youth with the more than 31 years of experience of Miguel Bettencourt da Camara.